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National Capital Society of American Foresters (NCSAF)
Strategic Action Plan – 2007-2008
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The National Capital Society of American Foresters (NCSAF) Strategic Action Plan– 2007-2008 is based upon the 2008-2012 version of the SAF Strategic Plan. The NCSAF Strategic Action Plan is organized to follow the Outcomes, Basic Strategies, and Suggested Actions found within the SAF Strategic Plan. The NCSAF Strategic Action Plan is intended to guide NCSAF leadership by incorporating member desires into an action plan that will encourage membership participation in SAF affairs through their involvement in NCSAF programs and activities. This Plan is a living document that needs to be reviewed and revised on a regular basis.

1. National SAF Strategic Outcome: Be the Leading Professional Forestry Organization in the World SAF is recognized by all technical and research foresters, and natural resource professionals employed throughout the broad field of forestry, as their primary professional Society that meets their needs, for service, networking, and professional growth.

Application to NCSAF: Stable membership, strong leadership, and positive relationships provide both NCSAF and SAF with ongoing opportunities for positive future development. The NCSAF membership consists of professional foresters who serve in technical, research, education, policy, and consulting roles in the public and private (profit and not-for-profit) sectors.

General NCSAF Actions:

Membership Committee – Take actions that retain and increase membership, including assistance to the national office during the annual Phonathon, welcome new members and transfers-in, and periodically conduct surveys of the NCSAF membership. Keep members informed about membership goals and changes through the DC Forester newsletter (produced and distributed eleven times per year) and sponsored activities. Remain active in contacting NCSAF members delinquent in renewing their memberships to support membership goals. NCSAF should plan and implement activities and programs to give new and prospective members an opportunity to meet NCSAF members. Annually identify and present awards to NCSAF members eligible for Length of Service recognition.

Nominating & Professional Recognition Committee – provides an open forum for solicitation and nomination of NCSAF members for national awards, fellows, state society awards. Also, the committee recruits members interested in holding appointed or elective offices.

Program Committee – provide diverse programs of interest to NCSAF members. Provide state-of-the art forestry professional development opportunities through meetings, issue forums, and field trips.

Specific NCSAF Actions for 2007 and 2008:

  • Provide volunteers to participate in Phonathon
  • In March-April, Executive Committee personally contacts all NCSAF members who have not renewed their memberships.
  • Investigate the possibility of a joint meeting with the Allegheny State Society regarding District VII affairs.
  • Finalize and approve 2007-2008 and 2009 NCSAF Strategic Action Plans.
  • Conduct all-member telephone survey to determine needs and interests related to NCSAF activities and professional development.
  • Develop a process for NCSAF committees to develop their annual workplans and budget needs for consideration at the annual January planning meeting.

2. National SAF Strategic Outcome #2: Provide Enhanced Service to Landowners and Employers SAF is an organization that promotes sound scientific and experimental knowledge to meet landowner and employer objectives.

Application to NCSAF: Increase support from public and private-sector employers of NCSAF members for their employees active participation in NCSAF and other professional society activities. Communicate the value of SAF membership to these same employers.

General NCSAF Actions:

Support NCSAF activities as a vehicle for promoting sound scientific knowledge that provides service to the public. Refer requests for professional advice from employers within the Washington D.C. metropolitan area to our membership, as appropriate.

Collaborate with the national SAF office to engage D.C. Metropolitan area employers in supporting their employees who are SAF members in participating in all affairs of the NCSAF and the national SAF.

Work with the USDA Forest Service leadership, other USDA agencies and other Departments to affirm the importance of professional societies to its employees.

Membership Committee – maintain contact with diverse organizations so as to promote the benefits of SAF membership to employers and interests in Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and recruit and retain new members.

Specific NCSAF Actions for 2007 and 2008:

  • Work with Federal agencies to provide guidance to their employees about their support for and the value of participating in outside organizations, including SAF.
  • Investigate the possibility of hosting a employer recognition luncheon.

3. National SAF Strategic Outcome #3: Provide Enhanced Service to Society at Large SAF will be broadly recognized as the primary organization that fosters sound scientific and experiential forestry knowledge to balance society’s current and emerging needs and values ranging from commodities to wilderness and protection of the environment.

Application to NCSAF: Active membership on the national and local level provides SAF members and their employers with opportunities for continuing education in forestry and for professional forestry certification.

General NCSAF Actions:

Forest Policy Committee – Coordinate with SAF National Office policy staff to ensure that government and congressional representatives are informed that the Society is available to provide technical and sound science information to benefit elected officials and their staff.

Program Committee – Promote programs, including panel discussions and other presentations, which would be of general interest to the public, especially students at secondary and college levels, and invite members of the public to participate.

Science and Technology Coordinator – Maintain active contact with the Washington Academy of Sciences to promote understanding of forestry and related natural resource issues to a broader professional audience.

Specific NCSAF Actions for 2007 and 2008:

  • Identify a member to contribute an article on forests and fire for The Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences.
  • Partner with the National Capital - Soil and Water Conservation Society on relevant joint projects of interest to NCSAF and SWCS-NC members and invitees, including a 2007 Fall tour.
  • Conduct an electronic outreach to key congressional staff interested in natural resource management about policy and science information available on the SAF web site regarding current forestry issues and Society positions on those issues.

4. National SAF Strategic Outcome #4: Accomplish Effective Engagement in Forest Policy SAF will be recognized by decision-makers and in policy development as the leader in providing credible and reliable forestry information.

Application to NCSAF: Provide current and relevant information to SAF members and the national SAF office on both SAF policy direction and on forestry policy developments in general.

General NCSAF Actions:

Forest Policy Committee – Develop NCSAF member support for national office policy efforts by providing activities such as Congressional briefings and field tours.

Program Committee – identify current and emerging forestry-related issues so that appropriate information and programs for NCSAF members can be provided.

Specific NCSAF Actions for 2007 and 2008:

  • Organize and charter a Forest Policy Committee.
  • Forest Policy Committee to meet with SAF Forest Policy Director to determine how NCSAF Forest Policy Committee can support and enhance the efforts of the national office.
  • Develop and lead a congressional briefing or field tour event led by the Policy Committee.

5. National SAF Strategic Outcome #5: Enhance Professional Education, Performance, and Leadership SAF is recognized for having high professional forestry standards in service to society.

Application to NCSAF: The geographic region of NCSAF provides our membership with opportunities to network, benefit from programs of interest, and help promote SAF through diverse relationships across the region.

General NCSAF Actions:

NCSAF Executive Committee -

  1. Recognize that promoting NCSAF member attendance at the SAF Leadership Academy will stimulate additional involvement by our members in local and national SAF activities. As appropriate, provide financial support to and/or facilitate NCSAF member attendance at the SAF Leadership Academy.
  2. Emphasize and promote a more robust committee structure, with more involvement from NCSAF members, so as to both promote NCSAF objectives and provide leadership development opportunities for members.
  3. Renew NCSAF commitment and support for the CF credential and CFE hours.

Program Committee – Recognize that arranging diverse programs responds to NCSAF membership needs and provides an opportunity to attract more members. Organize luncheons, panel discussions, and issue forums to foster education and discussion on a broad range of topics. Seek to offer NCSAF sponsored programs outside of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Provide Continuing Forestry Education credits for these events. Disseminate information on outside-SAF educational opportunities.

Specific NCSAF Actions for 2007 and 2008:

  • Nominate a NCSAF member for Fellow in 2007
  • Ensure that the availability of CFE credits is publicized by the CFE Coordinator on monthly meeting announcements and write an article about CFE for the DC Forester about how to obtain, document, and submit CFE hours for credit.
  • Link NCSAF website to national CFE website.
  • Co-host Fall Tour with the D.C. Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society.
  • Disseminate information about local area seminars, conferences, and workshop opportunities via NCSAF website, DC Forester, and e-mail.

6. National SAF Strategic Outcome #6: Ensure Development and Sound Stewardship of SAF’s Resources SAF at all levels is recognized for conserving and enhancing its human, financial, and physical resources.

Application to NCSAF: Strong financial resources and demonstrated fund-raising ability should be effectively utilized to benefit NCSAF and SAF.

General NCSAF Actions:

Executive Committee – With input from all Committee Chairs, prepare and approve an annual budget. Periodically review NCSAF financial resources against expected income and expenditures, make appropriate adjustments, and strive to stay within the approved budget.

Fund Raising Committee – Conduct several fund raising activities or events each year for the benefit of NCSAF. Fund raising activities include raffle items at luncheons and the annual auction. Some of these funds may be contributed to SAF and the Foresters Fund.

Audit Committee – Annually audit NCSAF financial records in January and report the results to the Executive Committee and national office.

Wild Acres Liaison – NCSAF has the unique opportunity to help keep the grounds of Wild Acres presentable fashion for visitors. Assist the national office in its plans for maintaining Wild Acres.

NCSAF Historian – Annually compile and archive appropriate NCSAF documents.

Specific NCSAF Actions for 2007 and 2008:

  • Audit the 2006 and 2007 NCSAF financial records.
  • Continue the annual “Wild Acres” clean-up day. Explore approaches to increase membership participation.
  • Review NCSAF cash reserves and develop a plan for their expenditure.
  • Investigate the status of NCSAF archives.

 7. NCSAF Strategic Outcome #7: Communications NCSAF members are strong, seasoned professionals who can help SAF be effective in working with the media and elected officials, agency and other organizational leadership, opinion leaders, and more broadly with the public. NCSAF is an organization that excels in keeping its members informed about SAF activities.

General NCSAF Actions:

Communications Committee – Keep NCSAF members informed of pertinent information and activities via NCSAF website, newsletter, and e-mail announcements.

Specific NCSAF Actions for 2007 and 2008:

  • Update and enhance the NCSAF website with expanded information about NCSAF, its planned programs and activities, and link to CFE registry.
  • Designate an NCSAF webmaster.
  • Link the NCSAF website with the Washington Academy of Sciences website, SAF and other relevant links.
  • Provide eleven DC Forester newsletters annually.

Approved by the NCSAF Executive Committee: August 16, 2007

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